Corporate Services

Services designed to cater directly to businesses and organizations

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the legal process of resolving disputes arising from business transactions in Trinidad, which uses an adversarial court system. This area of law encompasses issues such as contract disputes, shareholder disagreements, and regulatory compliance. In this setting, an advocate can represent your business in court, speak on your behalf, and seek the best interest of your organization.

Non-Litigious Corporate Services

Non-litigious corporate services involve providing legal assistance to businesses and organizations in matters that usually do not result in adversarial proceedings. These services help companies operate efficiently and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Some popular examples of non-litigious corporate services are:

Assisting with business formation

Overseeing corporate governance

Drafting shareholder agreements

Crafting commercial contracts

Managing employment and labor law matters

Ensuring securities regulations compliance

Advising on tax strategies and compliance

Protecting intellectual property

Navigating import/export regulations

Supporting corporate restructuring

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